Christmas Film Show December 8th

Tickets for this will be on sale this week at £5 each from Cerne Stores. The programme will include Hugh Mumford talking with Jonathan Still about how he came to be appointed vicar to Cerne Abbas and villages, plus some of his recollections of life in Cerne. A fascinating dialogue, full of humour and insight. Also Lord Digby in a second conversation with Kate Adie, not shown before. He talks about life and farming in the Cerne Valley. Your ticket will include mulled wine and mince pies.  There will be an Interval.

The full programme runs as follows:

  • Betty Marsh talks to Shirley Francis and George Mortimer (taster)
  • Freddie Nurse talks to John Paterson
  • Hugh Mumford talks to Jonathan Still


  • Mione Fox talks to Jonathan Still (taster)
  • Lord Digby talks to Kate Adie

The Giant

You may be aware that the Giant has been spruced up recently and is now looking a little more like his old self. This was not the complete overhaul where his outline has the old chalk removed and replaced with gleaming fresh material. He will have to wait a little longer for that but at least he is more visible.


The eyes have it.  Strimming and trimming. – Photo A Popkin


Scraping the chalk- the dentist does a home visit – Photo J Still


A team of Trust people and volunteers – Photo J Still


The team does it quickly – Photo A Popkin


The view from Weam hill – Photo A Popkin

Just in time for our talk on 24th November from Katherine Barker who will talk about the symposium she organised in 1996 where opposing theories of the Giant’s origin were discussed. A BBC film of the highlights will feature. Katherine will also explain how, with a group of students, she briefly gave the Giant a female companion to demonstrate a possible method of construction which managed to have the right bodily proportions (well almost!) Look at the Historical Society website ( for some photos of the recent work.


Annual General Meeting

This will take place on Thursday 26th January at the usual time, 7.30pm. The programme for 2017 will be available. Annual subscriptions remain at £7.50. If anybody is interested in joining the Committee or helping in any way with our activities, do please get in touch. There is much more about the history of the village and surrounding area that is waiting to be explored. It is willing people that are needed, the knowledge and skills can be acquired.



Mike Clark, Chair


The Cerne Giant Re-visited

In 1996, Katherine Barker organised a symposium in our old village hall to debate the merits of the two main theories concerning the age of the Cerne Giant – is he pre-historic or much more recent in origin? Before an audience of villagers, various experts outlined why they thought their explanation was the correct one. The audience was invited to vote on their preference both before and after the presentations. The day was filmed by the BBC and a programme of highlights will be screened at our meeting on November 24th. Katherine will also outline some of the research that has taken place since and show a short film showing how the Giant was briefly given a female companion.

Also due to appear shortly, Tom Shippey has written a booklet examining all the theories concerning the Giant’s age and purpose which will bring us up to date on the ideas surrounding our longest standing local resident.

Christmas Film Show December 8th

Following the success of showing the BBC films ‘Away in a Village’ last December, we are repeating the formula this year with mulled wine and mince pies and the focus will be on interviews with local residents. This will include Hugh Mumford talking to Jonathan Still amongst others. More details to appear later.

Museum of Jurassic Marine Life

We were hoping to visit this museum earlier in the year but the opening was delayed and it is now due to open to the public on 21st October. We will be looking to make a visit in Spring next year.

October Programme Talk

Maybe not a household name but Frederick Harvey Darton had a connection with Cerne, particularly through his book, ‘A Study of Village Life.’ Hear about his varied career from Liz Merry and Tom Shippey on 27th October, at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


Mike Clark, Chair