September 2017

Our next talk

This is of particular interest and relevance to Cerne.  George Bernard is Professor of Early Modern History at the University of Southampton. He has a particular interest in the reign of Henry V111 and in 2005 his book ‘The King’s Reformation: Henry V111 and the Remaking of the English Church,’ was published.  His talk on 28th September will give us a greater understanding of events which led up to the dissolution of the monastery here in Cerne in 1539.  Prof. Bernard is arriving in Cerne in the early afternoon and staying the night.  He will visit the remaining buildings of Cerne Abbey and we will use the opportunity to ask him what further lines of enquiry we can pursue to discover more of the history of the building which appears in the name of our village.



Hopefully, many of you have accessed the Society website out of curiosity or in search of information. – Here are some interesting statistics relating to July:

307 hits, including 19 from New Zealand, 13 from Canada, 11 from the US, 9 from South Korea and 5 from Belgium.  This gives some idea as to where people from Cerne have migrated.


Church Display

Some of you may not realise, particularly newer residents, that there is an excellent display on the history of the village at the back of the church, under the tower.  Also, if you venture into the grounds of the large house at the top of Abbey Street, there are some information boards about the former Abbey under the Abbot’s Porch, one of the two remaining buildings that survived the Dissolution and subsequent years.


30th Birthday Celebration

The inaugural meeting of our Society took place on 13th January 1988 and we plan to mark this milestone in some way at the AGM at the end of January.  Plans are not yet finalised but will include a review of our activities over that period. If anybody has any material of their own relating to any of our activities, we would be interested to include it.



I am happy to continue as Chairman after the next AGM, if elected but plan to stand down in January 1919, at which point I will have done three and a half years in the role.  The society will only continue to flourish for another 30 years if there is a continuous supply of new people willing to take on Committee roles or to become involved in some of our activities. Please talk to myself or any of the Committee if you wish to know more about what we do and how you can help.


Dorset County Museum

Many of you will know that the museum has ambitious plans for expansion and modernisation of its galleries and facilities.  Heritage Lottery Funding has been secured but another £1.6m is needed to reach their target. The Committee has responded to the public appeal by agreeing a donation of £100.


Mike Clark, Chair


August 2017

Wells Trip

The well-supported and enjoyable jointly organised trip with the Horticultural Society, to Wells.






























Our Next Talk

The Autumn talks programme begins on 28th September with George Bernard, who is Professor of Early Modern History at Southampton University, who will be giving a talk titled:
‘The Dissolution of the Monasteries 1536 to 1540.’ Since his school days, Professor Bernard has been fascinated by the history of England in the C16th and has studied and written extensively on this subject. With Cerne being the site of an important monastery dissolved under Henry V111’s orders, this talk will be of much interest to local residents.